An aspiring artist leaving inspiring imprints on an expiring earth.
— Phoenix Pagliacci


Walking the line between social justice and freedom of expression, Phoenix Pagliacci is a writer, a poet and an activist with a purpose. Devoting her time to meaningful moments, Phoenix has worked with artists and community leaders to bring awareness to issues close to her heart.

As a member of  Toronto Hip Hop collective The Sorority, Phoenix ensures that her music contributes positively to the culture, which is often dominated by skewed perceptions of masculinity. Considering herself a role model, Phoenix spreads her messages of encouragement at every opportunity.

Through her music, Phoenix speaks with, for and through her community to bring awareness to matters such as domestic abuse, sexual assault and injustices everywhere.

As the owner of Pagliacci Studios and CEO of Blissues, Phoenix is working to incorporate music as a form of expression among vulnerable youth.

Moreover, Phoenix has performed all over North America, using her music to change the world one song at a time. Inspiring humility, honesty and humanity, Phoenix is simply an aspiring artist making inspiring imprints on an expiring earth.