Phoenix Pagliacci is an artist and activist. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Phoenix began her artistic journey at the age of 6. Learning the piano and developing her singing/songwriting, Phoenix learned of her love for music from her family.

As a teenager, Phoenix attended Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts. There, she excelled as a performer and furthered her craft as an artist. It was there that she also discovered her passion for activism and literature.

In 2017, Phoenix founded Pagliacci Studios, an initiative for enlightening and entertaining youth through music and outreach. In addition, Phoenix also founded the non-for profit Blissues, a cyclical outreach initiative dedicated to finding the silver line between bliss and issues. In addition, Phoenix also participates in community efforts, such as guest speaking, panel participation and mentorship. 

Currently, Phoenix is a member of Toronto Hip-Hop group The Sorority and one half of live production duo, TRP.P.


Photo courtesy of Victoria Long